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4 Nov

It’s just happened in the time,

when everything turned this way.

No matter how hard it takes,

Destiny must not be faded..

I’m sorry i’ve killed you my friends,

bury your memories deep within.

I can’t hold back right now,

Let your soul haunt me forever,


The day I die…

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Fairy tales

3 Nov

Forget how long we’ve never seen each other..

You told me a story that I like the most..

I think so hard to get to remember,

Have I ever done wrong to you?

In your cried, you asked me, ”Are there only lies in this fairy tale?”

”I’m sorry I can’t be the prince who saves you from tears.”,I replied.

Even though you won’t understand,  but if there’s the time when you ever care for me,

My sky will be blessed by the heaven bliss..

I hope I can be in your fairy tales, to be an angel in your dreams.

Open my arms, I promise to help you to get through anything.

Don’t be afraid, believe me we can create our own world.

Write our fairy tale’s, the place where we belong together..

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