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High School Musical 3

3 Nov

I just watched HSM 3. One word: brilliant. In my opinion, the songs and choreographs was much better than the first two. It started with an energetic song called ‘Now or Never’, sang by Troy Bolton with his Wildcats team. The movie brought us back to the old settings in HSM 1 and 2. The gym, the stage, the hall, and of course the drama class, where it all started from. Different types of dance were performed perfectly too. I saw them doing waltz, break dancing, and even broadway dance. It shows us that the cast did practice hard for all of the new dance moves. Meanwhile the songs are getting stronger and more mature, if I may say. Compare to the previous songs, HSM 3’s songs are more likely to be called a grown-up-songs. It shows the audience that they are really in their senior year, and they have to think about their future. What they are going to do after they graduated. More over, I am in my senior year, so I can hardly know how they feet about choosing university and things. Oh yeah, and they added more songs. There are 12 songs based on this http://www.disneysociety.com/2008/07/05/confirmed-high-school-musical-3-track-list/ . The six main characters were great in their acting, and I definitely enjoyed watching it. I hope you do too 🙂 Kenny Ortega is a briliant man. Briliant man he is.


*I am sorry for grammatical mistakes I typed. I want to improve my english writing skill, though.*

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HSM 3’s Official Trailer

2 Nov